There’s something for everybody

Want quick and delicious meals on a budget? Yes please!

Try the KP Food Court with tons of different cuisines all in one stop. Pick from American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hispanic, and Vietnamese.

There’s something for everybody: Authentic Korean soups and BBQs, chow mein, tacos, burrito, pho, hamburger, sushi roll and more!

And you can count on it being fresh…
we source fresh ingredients right from our supermarket!

Hours of Operation

Food courts open all 7 days

Food Court

11:00 AM — 08:30 PM

Chinese Food Court

11:30 AM — 08:30 PM

International Menu

USA FlagAmerican

Mexican FlagMexican – Hispanic

Vietnam FlagVietnamese

Japan FlagJapanese

china flagChinese

Cold Speciality Beverages

Recipe Ideas

Bibimbap Recipe

Bibimbap Recipe

To make a tasty Bibimbap you will need the following ingredients.

Turkey Sliders

Turkey Sliders

To make a tasty Turkey Sliders you will need the following ingredients.

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